Here's a link to some detailed documentation on how to encode special characters within Pardot email links:
document.querySelector("input[name='convertingcontent']").value = content;
Next, add the fields to your Pardot form. Cheers, Jenna. They can be utilized to track such information as where the prospect came from, campaign, and source. The first thing you need to do is create 2 new fields in Salesforce and in Pardot and map them. document.querySelector("input[name='convertingsource']").value = source; Transfer UTM parameters from one page to another. Additionally, it can become … This can be viewed all within the URL and is information that can be sent back to Google Analytics for proper tracking. No, I haven't come across a way to do that in Pardot.
return results === null ? "" The Form: This can be done by filling out one of your forms and seeing if the values go into Pardot. Become a marketer that sales teams love. Watch Video. return results === null ? ""