The abreactional process starts from an insight into the cause of a psychological problem. Starting from this principle he was driven to geometry for insight into the ground and modes of emotion. Political insight is wholly wanting to Socrates; all the orthodox emperors blaze forth in a uniform light of dazzling splendour; even the miserable Arcadius is praised, and Theodosius II. [¹] . Although there are some works of this so-called Silver Age of considerable and one at least of supreme interest, from the insight they afford into the experience of a century of organized despotism and its effect on the spiritual life of the ancient world, it cannot be doubted that the steady literary decline which characterized the last centuries of paganism was beginning before the death of Ovid and Livy. You may gain valuable insight and learn tips and tricks that will help you become a better photographer and sell those photos. interesting insight into the many trees found in both parks. And much of our knowledge, as he shows in the fourth book, is rational insight, immediate or else demonstrable, and thus intellectually necessary in its constitution. Kids might also be able to gain some insight by discussing the characters they don't like. He described him as "a companionable, brilliant soul, with piercing eyes, the body of an Aesop - a man of keen insight, exquisite taste and wide erudition. The objective of the research is to gain a better, 29. 5. With wide learning and keen critical insight he wrote a number of historical works of which the most important is his Institutiones Hist. Some sources offer a little insight into possible approaches including an "all-natural" plan of action. audio commentary from the director giving an insight in what he was trying to achieve. Because the MBTI is also a tool for self-discovery, mental health professionals may administer the test in counseling sessions to provide their patients with insight into their behavior. This will likely not ever be perfect, but any insight it can offer us is a gain. They may also give birth parent some insight into more difficult topics, such as putting an older child up for adoption and single parenting. But aside from this, the book provides some wonderful insights and bravely tackles some contentious issues. Thinking about how your parents would feel can give you some insight as to whether the peer pressure you're facing is good or bad. As mentioned above, it is best to check the ESRB rating, but you may also want to look into the specific content descriptors as well, because they will give you insight into why a particular game received a certain rating. Wolves, occupying a similar ecological niche to humans, may give us insight into our own mental life. Instead, disable comments so your videos are solely a forum for those within your dance team, and those wishing to learn from you and gain ideas and insight. He showed his versatility in landscape, as in his "Whins in Bloom," which combined great breadth with fine detail; in flower-pieces, such as his "Roses," which were brilliant in rapid suggestiveness and force; but most of all in his portraits, which are marked by great individuality, and by fine insight into character. You can choice meditations on relaxation, self development and insight. This is a useful way to get an insight into how someone else has found a book and is particularly relevant with wedding planners, as the feedback will have come from other people who are also planning weddings. Breadth of view, insight, foresight, are more familiar but less adequate descriptions of a faculty which Disraeli had in such force that it took command of him from first to last. This weeklong course really will give you a fascinating insight into all walks of life. a profound insight. The more scientists and doctors understand about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the more insight they have to offer to parents in terms of education and safety. 13. How came Adam by the requisite insight and power of observation? Taking a biblical perspective on your dream experience involves gaining insight into dream symbols, possible meanings, and methods of interpreting dreams. His two historical works, the histories of Theodosius and of Ximenes, are more remarkable for elegance of style than for accuracy and comprehensive insight. The task of constructing a system of government from the bottom, of reconciling the conflicting and often jealously sensitive elements, called for tact, firmness, industry and deep insight into human nature, all of which Governor Taft displayed in a marked degree. A body composed of several hundred members cannot carry on government with the requisite steadiness of action and clearness of insight. Or philosophic theology may penetrate to an abstract conception of deity, like the Babylonian 'iluth, or the Vedic devatva and asuratva; and some seer may have the courage and insight to formulate the principle that " the great asuratva of the devas is one " (R. And the founder who enters history with an impressive personality can only do his work through the response made to him by the insight and feeling of his time. He died on the 16th of September 1824, worn out in body, but still retaining flashes of his former clear insight and scepticism. Insight Reports does informal learning matter? use "insight" in a sentence You think that there is value and insight in astrology, but.. Mitochondrial DNA testing will tell you where some of your oldest ancestors lived, giving you insight into your ethnic background. Latimer, however, besides possessing sagacity, quick insight into character, and a ready and formidable wit which thoroughly disconcerted and confused his opponents, had naturally a distaste for mere theological discussion, and the truths he was in the habit of inculcating could scarcely be controverted, although, as he stated them, they were diametrically contradictory of prevailing errors both in The only reasons for assigning an earlier date are that he was commonly known as " old Hugh Latimer," and that Bernher, his Swiss servant, states incidentally that he was " above threescore and seven years " in the reign of Edward VI. Just like any other homophones (words that sound alike and have different meanings, but have different spellings), the terms incite and insight sometimes cause confusion among writers. Were this all, the gain by their introduction would consist mainly in a clearer insight into the mechanism of co-ordinate systems, rectangular or not - a very important addition to theory, but little advance so far as practical application is concerned. He possessed vast and varied learning, perfect calmness and impartiality, and great power of historical insight, and is now looked back to as the pioneer in the movement for the economic interpretation of history. ‘Wisdom and love, insight into the Supreme and fellowship with other human beings had to go together.’ ‘Killeen however did have some insight into the reason behind the difference behind the shows.’ ‘The subject feels that he has gained insight into important truths and believes that he has a duty to share these with the world.’ He had an insight into human nature. He had no profound insight into the problem of Judaism, and there was no lasting validity in his view that the problem - the thousands of years' old mystery - could be solved by a retrogression to local nationality. As such, he occupies a liminal space, providing an insight into his suspicion regarding fixity as a stagnant and deathlike state. piece in the jigsaw, an insight into the sheer variety this planet offers its visiting souls. Both, however, recognize that this actuality of moral insight is not a function of the intellect only, but depends rather on careful training in good habits applied to minds of good natural dispositions, though the doctrine has no doubt a more definite and prominent place in Aristotle's system. It came as a flash, a most disturbing, 27. Primitive, yes, but with great insight, great depth. In him Orange was to find an adversary who was not only a great general but a statesman of insight and ability equal to his own. bitty nature of the commentary you do get some good insight into the locations used, the customs and the characters. His account of the first dawnings of culture, and of the ruder Oriental civilizations, is marked by genuine insight. a stunning insight. In our days, when the period of development pointed at by Turgenev in his celebrated novel is almost entirely lived through, we can only wonder at that deep insight with which the author had guessed the fundamental characteristic in that life movement which had celebrated that period. Our free pre-concert talks offer a fascinating insight into the music you are about to experience. Only a small number had insights and practices of genuine scope. Modern American economists have dignified this common sense insight with the name of rational ignorance. Neither of these men professed to employ the calculus itself, but they recognized fully the extraordinary clearness of insight which is gained even by merely translating the unwieldy Cartesian expressions met with in hydrokinetics and in electrodynamics into the pregnant language of quaternions. The book gives a fascinating insight into Mrs Blair's character. psychopathic personality provide insight into the psychodynamics of quackery. Volta followed up these observations with rare philosophic insight and experimental skill. Does this soliloquy move the play forward in any way (e.g. The industry of Gervase was greater than his insight. They are used to communicating a timeless message, often achieving a wistful, yearning and powerful insight through extreme brevity. Such men, who, capable in every field, designed the Great Pyramids and bestowed the highest monumental fame on their masters, must surely have had an insight into scientific principles that would hardly be credited to the Egyptians from the written documents alone. But his political insight and his impartiality entitle him to a high place among the historians of the 12th century. At the head stood the teachers (" the sons of meekness," Mani himself and his successors); then follow the administrators (" the sons of knowledge," the bishops); then the elders (" the sons of understanding," the presbyters); the electi (" the sons of mystery"); and finally the auditores (" the sons of insight"). Not merely because of its central commercial position, but because of its width of view, its political insight, and its constant insistence on the necessity of union, this counter played a leading part in Hanseatic policy. It was selected with skill and insight by Patrick Johnson who, resplendent in top hat and tails, played it on the piano. a poignant insight. This great advance, which is the result of the gradual focussing of a century's work in the minute exploration of the exact laws of optical and electric phenomena, clearly carries with it deeper insight into the physical nature of matter itself and its modes of inanimate interaction. For an insight into the muddled constitutional thinking of the Government I 've read few better articles. With 275 mostly color photographs to thumb through, it 's a lovely looking insight into the models design origins and development history. His autobiography provides an illuminating. The alliance concluded by him with France reveals him at once as rising superior to the narrow prejudices of his race and faith, which rejected with scorn any union with the unbeliever, and as gifted with sufficient political insight to appreciate the advantage of combining with Francis I. Synonym Discussion of insight. It is mere prejudice to deny that Mandeville had considerable philosophic insight; at the same time he was mainly negative or critical, and, as he himself said, he was writing for "the entertainment of people of knowledge and education.". It can be very helpful to receive tips and insight from fellow sleep apnea patients. forgeforging key partnerships with leading players in its chosen markets, IMP gains valuable insight into each market sector. This lecture will examine how a common metabolite in both fat and carbohydrate catabolism could hold some insight into metabolic integration. Here lies a great merit of Hermas's book, his insight into experimental religion and the secret of failure in Christians about him, to many of whom Christianity had come by birth rather than personal conviction. What he lacked was that insight into the best classical masterpieces, that command of the best classical diction, which is the product of successive generations of scholarship. His writings are defective in virility and breadth of thought, and his tragedies display neither the insight into character nor the constructive power of a great dramatist. Joanna Schlip, makeup artist to some of Hollywood's finest, gave LTK some exclusive insight on everything from how she got started in the industry to how she keeps her smile sparkling and bright! Human cadaver dissection gives a fascinating insight into the spatial relationships of the structures within the human body. 17 examples: The analyses offer additional insight into the dynamics of representation… In addition to these services, working with an experienced travel agent can give interested vacationers an insight into their destination that making plans online cannot. 9 synonyms of insight from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 38 related words, definitions, and antonyms. How to use insight in a sentence. But the weakness is more than a dogmatic one; it is one of religious experience, as the source of spiritual insight. For the duties of this office at such a critical time he was deficient in insight and energy, but his political success was independent of his official capacity; and when the ministry of Grey was wrecked on the Irish question in July 1834 Melbourne was chosen to succeed him as prime minister. Page 1. But though it evinces considerable insight, it cannot escape the charge of extravagance. Insight pronunciation. tree agate Used to gain insight into problems and see them for what they really are. The Noctes Atticae is valuable for the insight it affords into the nature of the society and pursuits of those times, and for the numerous excerpts it contains from the works of lost ancient authors. English. The amir showed his usual ability in diplomatic argument, his tenacity where his own views or claims were in debate, with a sure underlying insight into the real situation. The psychological insight from the simulation will reveal how the prospective pilots will work under stress. On the other we have a stage at which the rational but as yet not reasoned concepts developed in the medium of the psychological mechanism are subjected to processes of reflective comparison and analysis, and, with some modification, maintained against challenge, till at length the ultimate universals emerge, which rational insight can posit as certain, and the whole hierarchy of concepts from the " first " universals to Ta apEA are intuited in a coherent system. In time, however, he perceives that behind the fantastic garb of language there is an earnest and vigorous mind, an imagination that harbours fire within its cloudy folds, and an insight into the mysteries of spiritual life which is often startling. a blinding lighting. A bridge between ancient wisdom and modern, 23. cadaver dissection gives a fascinating insight into the spatial relationships of the structures within the human body. Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar is read word for word for his knowledgeable and practical insight and blessings. We need then to develop the alternative, and to pass from the external aspect of all-ness to the intrinsic ground of it in the universal Kau' auTO Kai n ai)TO, which, whatsoever the assistance it receives from induction in some sense of the word, in the course of its development for the individual mind, is secured against dependence on instances by the decisive fiat or guarantee of vas, insight into the systematic nexus of things. The guide offers insight into the process of selecting the right items for every room in the home. Power of acute observation and deduction; penetration; discernment; perception. His favourite authors were Euripides, Virgil and Racine, whom he defends against the stock criticisms of the admirers of Corneille with equal zeal and insight. occupying a similar ecological niche to humans, may give us insight into our own mental life. insight in a sentence - Use "insight" in a sentence 1. For the Gymnasium the aim of the new scheme is, in Latin, " to supply boys with a sound basis of grammatical training, with a view to their understanding the more important classical writers of Rome, and being thus introduced to the intellectual life and culture of the ancient world "; and, in Greek, " to give them a sufficient knowledge of the language with a view to their obtaining an acquaintance with some of the Greek classical works which are distinguished both in matter and in style, and thus gaining an insight into the intellectual life and culture of Ancient Greece.". Here is a comparison on two compact hybrids, the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius. In this as in all other matters of transcendental truth "wisdom is justified of her children"; the conclusive vindication of the prophets as true messengers of God is that their work forms an integral part in the progress of spiritual religion, and there are many things in their teaching the profundity and importance of which are much clearer to us than they could possibly have been to their contemporaries, because they are mere flashes of spiritual insight lighting up for a moment some corner of a region on which the steady sun of the gospel had not yet risen. The term emotional intelligence refers to the child's ability to understand the emotions of others, perceive subtle social cues, "read" complex social situations, and demonstrate insight about others' motivations and goals. Rather as that city which most nobly expressed the noblest attributes of Greek political existence, and which, by her preeminent gifts both of intellect and of moral insight, was primarily responsible, everywhere and always, for the maintenance of those attributes in their integrity. Sometimes this insight is claimed as the result of the operation of some higher faculty or some supernatural revelation to the individual; in other instances the theosophical theory is not based upon any special illumination, but is simply put forward as the deepest speculative wisdom of its author. Insight and judgment are inherently linked with each other. Examples of Insightful in a sentence We were fascinated as we listened to the captivating and insightful words of the speaker who had such an accurate understanding of history. These give a vivid insight, (or nostalgic jog to the memory) into the displays prior to out-of-town superstores. Looking at pictures of the row of adobes gave us insight into how the Pueblo Indians lived. 3. Where we have studied the surface geomorphology of a fault, earthquake seismology provides insight into the nature of the faulting at depth. There was need of a positive theory based on real insight, in order to inspire faith for more strenuous conflict with the influences tending to produce the apostasy from Christ, and so from "the living God," which already threatened some of them (iii. Lindsay (History of the Reformation), clearer insight than the Lutherans, and Zwingli rather than Luther was in this matter Calvin's guide, and the guide of the reformed churches of Switzerland, France, England and the Netherlands. Unveiling types of dreams and what they mean can give you great insight into your experiences with dreaming. For an insight into the muddled constitutional thinking of the Government I've read few better articles. Pronunciation of insight with 3 audio pronunciations, 25 synonyms, 11 meanings, 10 translations, 29 sentences and more for insight. 0. Sentence Examples. Once you see Sylvanas, you will get insight to a key character and treated to a mysterious vocal performance, which is a highlight in Burning Crusade that should not be missed. Compaq Insight Manager uses agent technology to manage and monitor the health of all hardware components within the Compaq hardware platform environment. They do not represent the opinions of In fact, learning the Latin and Greek foundation of western languages provides you with unique insight into how words are formed and where they come from - insight that fewer people have today than ever before. deconstruction exercises, in their limited way, are not irrelevant as sociological insight into certain filmic operations. The information can give insight into your family at this important time. It also provides insight into the expertise the dietitian can offer, both to the diabetes healthcare team and to the patient. The sealings of the various officials, of which over 200 varieties have been found, give an insight into the public arrangements (Petrie, Royal Tombs, i. The most significant alternative to the work of Piaget has been the information-processing approach, which uses the computer as a model to provide new insight into how the human mind receives, stores, retrieves, and uses information. Our measurements of the HI in our Galaxy have given us insight into the dark matter halo around our Galaxy. A study of the world 's major plates gives insight into recent finding about the action of plate tectonics. no-brainer action flick to a more intelligent insight into coping with anger and the monster within. Moral insight, in the view of the most thoughtful Jews of the age immediately preceding Christianity, was conceived as knowledge of a divine code, emanating from an authority external to human reason which had only the function of interpreting and applying its rules.