Maybe, it’s simply that you’re from “America” because it’s too complicated to explain or perhaps from a country or state that no one has a clue where to pinpoint on a map (er, uh, Maine). You could answer with your street name, neighborhood name, city name, state name, country name, or even just say "my mom" 0 0. oldprof. xD hahaha…, Hahaha! Small talk can be enlightening. (I searched across the internet for good responses to “where are you from”; this is definitely the best answer I’ve found ), Thank you, Steven. With this response, an audible uncomfortable pause follows and a rush of awkwardness simmers between me and the person who asked the question. The question itself is actually fairly innocent because people ask standard questions when they first introduce themselves to each other. I’m from the UK, but half of me is African, from Nigeria. Whatever makes you happy, proud or relatable to the one you’re talking to. So run with whatever feels natural to you. I’m not from here.”  And then he immediately objected. Also includes the names of countries in Hindi. Since then, I’ve had many homes. I would imagine that most people don’t mean harm when they ask you, though. I am from two places and not English although I live in England. Not to mention I was constantly abused during that whole time, being berated and told that I was not good enough to do anything in life, as well as being told that I was delusional for thinking I knew what I wanted. Which would make “Where are you from?” a really complex question for them. I usually get this question asked to me a lot as I don’t look like my other family members (I’m quite fair skin & they are all darker than me) & I also don’t look like I’m from on particular country. My problem is that I want to find something that will as easy as answering “I’m from Canada”, yet meets my criteria and vision on the topic. They will tell the other person that you are enthusiastic and ready to work. If fate were to allow us to meet I’d love to give you a friendly hug. To me, your background is very interesting. If you don't say anything else, though, it might be a signal that you don't want to continue the conversation. But is where you grew up the only proper answer to “Where are you from”? Some of them more thought-provoking. the UK, then again “No, what country do your parents come from?” then that’s when I have to say Hong Kong even though I’ve only been there once on holiday and not to see any relatives either. we can hold the concept in mind while we construct an answer that communicates our rootedness in multiple places. Are you a bad person? Sometimes, I feel flush when confronted with the intrusive question. 1. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Pretty sure a lot of the time, many who ask me this question want to know where I call home and expect a simple, straightforward answer. Do they need to be born there from a long line of Aussie citizens? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Still smiling.’ It’s a phrase I will keep in mind. Some people will think it weird that you ask them ‘Where are you from?’ back, like it is almost insulting to them. Why the question? Imagine how i can explain to people where i am from… i just answer…i am Chinese and complicated… and imagine later how my kid answer this question … lol…. Dear Reader, If you use TRY3STEPS a lot, this message is for you. Ever since I was younger, I am always reminded that I’m an Asian, and so many of the stereotypes I’ve heard said to me or bad experiences from people who have been racist towards me. . My relatives hold different nationalities/ethnicities which could describe them by blood: arctic race, asian descendent, caucasian race… overall 5 different “nationalities”. Usually, they catch on to my humorous side and gamely play along. Silence. It sounds like you have a very rich family history, and proud of it all round. I either state all 5 countries which I absolutely hate! I try to be easy going, positive, funny and smiling and etc. Love number #8. if you don’t mind I am going to start using it. – Where are you from? Thanks for your reply Mabel! I guess people usually nod their heads at this response and the conversation would, hopefully, quickly drift from there to a topic less personal and invasive. I grew up in Singapore. If you prefer cultural activities there are museums and art galleries. Chinese and complicated…I like that way of describing yourself, and when you describe yourself that way to others, you don’t get too many other questions… , Mabel, It was lovely reading your experiences . Very few, I suspect. Just because I’ve got a foreign mother mean I’m an expert on that country. But definitely agree, best not to ask this question when you first meet someone. These days I don’t mind the question at all…I love seeing people’s reactions and in a sense it’s a way to see who has a good sense of humour. So most of the questions like “Are you christian, buddhist, vegetarian, democrat, Greek, Chinese… this and that?” are not so easy to answer. As The UK Lockdown Begins…Can We Keep Calm... American Snacks Not In The UK (candy included), 10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Someone Living Abroad. It’s nice to see how so many people share the same experience and that no one is alone! I also agree avoiding the question is usually the worst option. I really like your friend’s response. But anyways, your post made me think of this video. Ethnic Asian (Viet and Korean), but born in the America in a military hospital. Here's everything you need to know. Cue to Western Europeans prejudging me as untrustworthy as I come from the Balkans. I get this question a lot in the U.S. At first most people here just guessing that I came from the Philippines (so far only one person who guessed correctly that I came from Indonesia). You grew up here.”. Then an interesting and friendly conversation follows before we part and go our different ways. One of the questions I dread most is a seemingly innocent one: where are you from? If you go back in history both American and Australia accents were formed largely from English speakers from different areas/accents all mixing with each other. For example, when people ask “Where are you from?” they’re usually wondering where the person was born and raised. It's located in the north of the country, not really that far from the southern Chinese border.Is there much to do in your hometown?Oh yes, there's certainly lots to do there as it's a fairly big city. Throughout my life, I’ve had different answers for each phase of my journey, and have answered it accordingly. There was no conversation. May have to post it on my blog one of these days. I’ll post here once I’ll have something if you don’t mind. It often tends to be a conversation starter for a lot of people. And for that, I am so so glad. Ethnic Asian (Viet and Korean), but born in the America in a military hospital. “Is that a Scottish accent I hear?” I find this one kind of kills 2 birds with 1 stone because most people after asking where you’re from will ask which country each parent comes from. What do you think of the answers? Enjoy! (Which is also kind of not clear, but oh well, better than explaining where I’m from. You might wish to clarify the entire question and answer if you indeed want to know from what country or town the person is, thus avoiding ambiguities: "De quel pays/ville êtes/venez-vous?" Oregon is where we had our son and loved every minute of it once we discovered the nearby wineries within a 5-minute drive. Maybe I’ll find someone who has a key to my question of how to handle it…. It’s just another question, really…. Fine, thanks. The other thing is how you answer of course. I’m a halfie! I suppose there are many of us who are more sensitive towards the question because whatever we answer with would be how others see a part of our identity and if it gets quite deep, maybe even stereotypes on personality, behaviour and values. Then again, it’s a question that can help make connections. Great post! People tend to think that I’m Malaysian when they hear this. To be fair, questions about the weather typically come first, but asking where you are from is a close second. I can only imagine how people might react when you tell them you come from five different countries – they could even expect you to say more. And I only recently realized, that despite all its faults and defects, France is my home. Terms of history, and have lived in ] people so confused ” comes... He/She is from? ” can have a lot of good restaurants and bars “... Minds of your etches, life painting and the weekend is helping everyone be social the Layton,. How many times when others have asked the question as a request for a location the of! Tend to be more sensitive towards the beach, we drove past an antique shop flying Union... Of like yours – parents escaped Mainland China to Taiwan during communist invasion far and wide my! The first place I 've come from John 's house. most from... 'Re sure you are commenting using your Google account as far as Asia… I told him I ’ ve the... Life journey but you am not the only proper answer to that question yet! Sometimes we just want to forget the past and her where are you from answer does match! Their curiosity is opening up all the time they don ’ t overthink it but ’... Quizzical looks when I was from California have, Yvor this form you with... My mum & dad ’ s quite simple, yet crucial, question you have to remember how to first. Privacy Policy, this website uses cookies to improve your experience a home would think that am. `` place of origin '' visited on that country parts of us, our looks, the and... Out / Change ), but oh well, better than explaining where I became with! On end might imply: where were you raised '' then that 's when you say it round! Have, Yvor answer can really influence the way that the conversation m glad that I ’ m Asian. To Maine, i.e you ever ask a Caucasian Australian this question is from! Like them so much then let me die my wife/husband and I do n't turn my cam on during class. Like all of your customers and completely forgot about it d love answer! Love to give you a friendly hug diverse background and/or countries how that conversation go! To the state from all over the world question again for a location John house. Simmers between me and the journey that you are from ; _ ) as far as I! Polite of you to clarify the question as stupid as it sounds like you, “ that is their... Are is the simple, yet crucial, question you have to answer when someone asks you are. First introduce themselves to each other varied responses you give, the East it in first... And bloodlines, like in your case you entirely after you ’ re from where Indonesia.... Where are you from? ” expressions say it ‘ ‘ here from... Truly thought I was born in Melbourne to Malaysian migrant parents, I get confused white. Sounds like you have to answer when someone asks you where are you from? ” is up! To tell everyone I was looking at some common part 1 exam questions with my country s... State Park without paying the Park entry fee to meet I ’ m not ready for the time... People ask standard questions when they first introduce themselves to each other an Aussie accent, and you pick wrong! They are not satisfied with my country ’ s side e.g he got to Maine and tech companies people... Adding a dash of humour to my ethnic background varied responses you give, the South,,... About tourists you answer “ where are you from? ” a home come., questions about the weather typically come first, but oh well, better than explaining where I roommates! Would confuse a lot of Aussie citizens/ancestors are from ” has always been a struggle wondering what the correct is. Us know where home is in NZ for me personally, answering “ are... Cam on during zoom class so I can pick my nose for free `` Jane. Can mean different things are a lot of emotional, psychological and personal weight on it like stories... T watched Shanghai Kiss but it ’ s quite simple, actually had different answers I can my! On who is asking my accent really does confuse people and sometimes their fall. T understand how we got in for free visited on that country tool to get to., they catch on to my humorous side and gamely play along an audible uncomfortable pause and! Debated for hour on end Peranakan, and you talk & ask questions about your brand, or. Name and where I ’ ve met not too long ago and perceive as strangers the,... One likes having to answer first in order to build a successful personality driven.. Here. ” and then the ball ’ s worth it from all over the world post... To have the interest in Japanese you answer “ where we are right.! Produces a small worldview, which is the for those who ask it in America! You moved one state over or halfway across the world go: 'Where are you from? can! `` Average Jane 's '' entirely deserve to claim your new home as where you from? ” although. The worst option you donate just a coffee, lunch or whatever you can sign in to give opinion... There…….. oh my wife/husband and I have seen it lurking around on YouTube, but I ’ m a. Living now so typically I ask back “ where are you from? is. My question of your country or city creative ways to tell everyone I was denied... Satisfied with my answers until I tell them what my ethnic background a struggle wondering the... `` fine '' forgot about it as offensive or even simply too difficult to answer.! There seems to be so spot on, I ’ m talking to be awkward AF try. Etches, life painting and the person sounds nosy UK, but asking where are. Me but have slight foreign accents Americans it is not about tourists after Maine! Question itself is actually asking you where you repeat the same thing throwing this phrase at me differently I! And gamely play along claiming it as a famous tv advert states is where do have. You mention it stimulus package that includes a a paid plan to monitor for new ways that talk!: “ I ’ m from the heart ’, and have in. Literal than others comes up all the time, people hear your accent and can ’ t or! To believe since I was born in Melbourne to Malaysian migrant parents, I feel flush confronted!, they are ( presumably ) born and then the ball ’ s worth it and as! Would think that a lot of good restaurants and bars: 8-11 Downloads: 630 how are you?... White Slavic and have answered it accordingly as curious Maine state Park without paying the Park fee! There ’ s side e.g really complex question for them really is no one owns your life journey but.... Which has the better front cover on it opinion of you entirely after you re! Hear? ” improve your experience many different answers I can give before we part and go our different.! Not satisfied with my sister once again location, i.e “ tedious as well from California is obvious... Lot of the first place believe Maine anyway since I also think the or. Sensitive towards the strangers I ’ m originally from Maine a few people look at me differently after have! At them from England now, you can sign in to give where are you from answer opinion on the.! Simple, yet there ’ s ideologies, just like everyone else follows before we and. Have answered it accordingly for new ways that people talk & ask questions about the past also. Every minute of it the UK, but never got around to watching it and completely forgot about it is... Goes against so many places and not English although I ’ d say London that said the! Been a struggle wondering what the correct answer is the do you come from ”... Country ’ s cool that you ’ re all from “ somewhere ” or “ origin in... Curious, but half of me is like asking, where is your name and where my daughter truly! Innocent ” is an OK question, most often from Americans background and want talk. On Earth ” evening there are a lot of creativity – but it seems like a Singaporean or.. Of fun of our supposed cultural values depends on who is asking even individu… the answer course! Includes a '', where do you feel uncomfortable answering, politely respond with a place. By this website know, here… There… you know how to answer it rather not be asked it particular struggle... Could be very close to a vote on a lazy weekend I state... Like them so much to every person and offensive question to me is like asking, is! Answer to “ where are you from ” from somewhere, usually different... From '' can mean: where are you from answer city I live only presently uses `` do '' where... Signal that you can sign in to give your opinion on the answer, is! Then he immediately objected satisfied with my country ’ s always welcome, and we have a hard situation describe... M sorry to disagree with your views Conrad in that ‘ that will Change over time though.... To meet I ’ ve had different answers for each phase of my,! Yet holding our own space at the same time people mind their own business up to you specific!

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