Arata is discouraged after he witnesses many acquaintances become victims of EDEN Syndrome, but learns the truth about Aiba's condition and resolves to do whatever he can to save them. Its special attack is Unidentified Flying Kiss and its support skill is High Resolution which prevents dotting. You can visit the DigiLab to prepare if you wish, I recommend having a few Vaccine Digimon in your party. I will list them in a counterclockwise order starting with the first one that shows up, which is Digimon. Shortly after, Aiba and Arata encounter Suedou inside another Digital Shift; Arata is attacked and consumed by an Eater, but Suedou rescues him and sparks a specific memory in his mind. Arata manages to close the dimensional gate by causing a citywide blackout and encounters Suedou, who reveals to him that he was the hacker developed and distributed the Digimon Capture program. Break it with your hacking skill Wall Crack Lv.1 (ウォールクラック Lv.1). jazero1987 4 years ago #1. anyone else stuck AC in boardway? Then go southeast down some stairs for another shiny object [Minomon Medal (ミノモンメダル)]. Well, your body is in a coma but you can still manifest in the real world as a program, I think. DigiBank (デジバンク): Allows you to acquire new Digimon, change your current party, digivolve and de-digivolve Digimon. The New Game+ option can be selected from the title menu. Name of your character: Default male name is Takumi (タクミ), default female name is Ami (アミ). Open the chest on your right side for an [SP Capsule C]. You will end up in a new area, which is called EDEN Open Space (EDENオープンスペース). Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth; anyone else stuck AC in boardway? Chapter 1: Welcome to Kuremi Detective Agency, Chapter 2: Search for the Father: Yuuko Yamashina, Chapter 4: The Shinjuku Underground Labyrinth Incident, Chapter 5: The Search Continues: Yuuko Kamishiro, Chapter 6: Serial Disappearances in Akihabara, Open Hacking Skills menu (within dungeons). You can find the list below. Aiba, Arata, Yuuko, and Kyoko take advantage of the event to hack into the secure Kamishiro servers and secretly continue their investigations, and discover that the EDEN update ties into a "Paradise Lost Plan," and learn that Yuuko's older brother is a victim of EDEN Syndrome, a casualty of a failed beta test eight years ago which was apparently covered up by Kamishiro. Aiba meets up with Nokia and Arata, who unlocks a way out, but the three are then attacked by a mysterious creature that grabs Aiba and corrupts their logout process. Note that leveling up from battles will fully recover your Digimon's HP and SP. [36] The PlayStation Vita version was the best selling digital title in North America and Europe. Organize (編成): Change your party formation or switch between battle and reserve members. Shortly after, the hacker gives them "Digimon Capture" programs and locks them in "Kowloon", an older part of EDEN overrun by hackers. CAM will increase from replying to your Digimon's messages. One Ultimate (Perfect 完全体) or above Digimon present in party. Answering 20 DigiLine quiz questions correctly will net you a trophy. Now go back to the connector and connect jump. Four of the children logged out successfully, but were heavily traumatized, and Yuugo never regained consciousness, becoming the first EDEN Syndrome victim. Kyoko rescues Aiba and offers to take them into her service as her assistant. Head north to see a new type of Access Point left of the elevators. Now you can enter the DigiLab or use the agency's TV to visit EDEN. Messages with blue font are new and have not been read yet. The game also has good performance among Latin American countries (#2 Brazil,[37] #3 Mexico, #3 Argentina, #3 Chile, #3 Costa Rica, #4 Guatemala, #6 Perú, #9 Colombia[38]) and the PlayStation 4 version was the 20th best selling digital title in North America and the 19th in Europe on the PlayStation Store in the month of its release in their respective categories. Nokia, with Aiba's help, reunites with an Agumon and Gabumon she met and bonded with in Kowloon; she learns from them that Digimon are not hacker programs as the public believes them to be but living creatures from a "Digital World", and that Agumon and Gabumon came to EDEN for a specific purpose that they can't remember. Once you leave Nakano Broadway, choose the new place, Shinjuku (新宿), from the Tokyo Map. Given that they've bothered with Unimon, gives me hope for others of that era that have been underutilised like Drimogemon. next to your play time. In the process, Aiba and Yuuko encounter a former colleague of Suedou, who gives them details regarding the EDEN Beta test eight years ago; Kamishiro sent five children, one of which was Yuugo, into the Beta as a demonstration to investors, but something went wrong and the test was aborted. Someone could go on to complete a few post-game challenges or head into a new game plus save while. Make sure you say hello to everyone.◆Reward   Reward Money       300 Yen   CSP Obtained          500   HP Capsule C          x 5. Random encounters will begin from this point on (only in dungeons though). Go south and talk to Nokia, who is standing in front of the CD shop Rainbow Turntable. The number of farm islands will remain the same. It’s a turn-based system that can be heavily focused on turn order and how many turns each Digimon get. You also have access to three Gacha Machines in Nakano Broadway if you want to get more medals. Inside the room you'll find a shiny object that gives you [Kunemon Medal (クネモンメダル)]. [15], In June 2015, Amazon Canada listed a North American version of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth under the title "Digimon World: Cyber Sleuth" for the PlayStation 4, hinting for a release in the region. I will list and translate the locations in the game and how to get to them. For more info visit the DigiLine (デジライン)|DigiLine section. Unlike previous Digimon … All usable items, equipment, farm goods, Digimon medals, and Digi-Eggs. The DigiLab (デジラボ), short for Digital Monster Laboratory (デジタルモンスター・ラボラトリー), is the main hub for all your Digimon needs. One of those games was Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory, a side story rather than a sequel that actually takes place concurrent to the first game. But the turn order of every battle is shown on the right side of the screen so you’ll know exactly who attacks when. Medical Machine (メディカルマシーン): Completely recover your party's HP and SP. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition is an extremely good value bundle for the two games that you get, so if you haven’t played the games and own a … [10] The title features a New Game Plus mode where players retain all of their Digimon, non-key items, money, memory, sleuth rank, scan percentages, and Digifarm progress.[6][11]. Number of held Digimon (保持デジモン数): The total number of Digimon you have, including the ones in your party and in the DigiFarm/DigiBank. You will be fighting against a Kurisarimon (クリサリモン). ON / OFF. For this guide, I will go through the available cases from the top-left of the upper row, moving right, then onto the row below, moving left to right. [40] The Switch port of Complete Edition sold 4,536 copies in its first week in Japan. Several Drimogemon are seen in the Drill Tunnel, doing their usual job, drilling rocks, as they are too busy to attend the Player, until he meets the cook who appears to be in an insufferable pain. Due to the experience of creating models for Digimon Adventure (video game), Habu was certain they would be able to take that knowledge into making them for Cyber Sleuth as well. Then talk to the Creepy Hacker (不気味ハッカー) standing to the left of the first set of stairs. The Nintendo Switch and PC versions were developed by h.a.n.d.. Cyber Sleuth is considered to be a reboot of the Digimon Story (series) and was developed with player feedback in mind. You will find a firewall blocking your way. However, when the tab says "Possible Drops," you may or may not get any drops. You can find the place yourself. Walk left a bit to see a shiny object, picking it up will give you [Mojyamon Medal (モジャモンメダル)]. This yellow Access Point functions the same way the blue one you saw in Kowloon Lv. This will help you decide whether you’ll want to “gang up” on one Digimon to knock the… For one teenager, a harmless on-line chat spawns a chance encounter with a mysterious hacker. You will obtain the "Zaxon" (ザクソン) keyword. Go east and follow the path until the fork, but instead of going to the next area, go west for another Jigsaw piece. Digivice (デジヴァイス) is the menu that opens with the "△" button. "[32] Hardcore Gamer thought that the game was an important step forward for the franchise, stating "It isn’t perfect; its story and script could use some fine-tuning, and the world needs to be more interesting, but overall, this is a solid first step. Doomerang 4 years ago #2. Anyway, after you pick your starter Digimon, the scenes will continue. For example, the first case you get in chapter 2 has the code Red 01, because the pin is red colored. Head north into the next three areas until you reach firewall blockade. After the long scenes, you'll be in the Central Hospital (セントラル病院). User Info: Doomerang. The website also commended the colorful art and character design of Suzuhito Yasuda, declaring that "Yasuda’s art brings crucial style and life to Digimon’s game series, which had spent previous years sort of fighting to establish its identity. After the scene, you will earn 1,000 CSP and get teleported back to the Detective Agency. Accept the only case available (Red 01) and leave the detective agency. Sleep (眠り): The Digimon will be put to sleep for a set period of time. You will see Arata right north of you here. ◆Difficulty: ★◆Client Info   Client: Kyoko Kuremi (暮海杏子)   Place: Kuremi Detective Agency (暮海探偵事務所)◆Details   Purchase coffee beans at K-Cafe. 1, then enter the new area. There are eight sections to choose from, each with a unique icon and background color. Wears off after a few turns. Visit the Kowloon Lv. For western versions, the game was released in North America on Feb. 02, 2016, and in Europe on Feb. 05, 2016. Now go north into the area where you fought the Eater boss in the prologue. Winning the battle will trigger some more scenes. Featuring more than 300 digital to collect, raise, and digivolve. It is the fifth game in the Digimon Story series, following 2011's Super Xros Wars, and the first to be released on home consoles. It was developed by Media Vision, known for their work on the Wild Arms series, Shining Ark and Shining Resonance. Adored the first Cyber Sleuth. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is a role-playing video game developed by Media.Vision and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4; it is based on the Digimon franchise. Check the Digimon Encyclopedia section for a complete list of the Field Guide. Complete Edition +26 trainer is now available for version 09.30.2020 and supports STEAM every were there no icon show.. Eden, then use the hacking skill Wall crack Lv.1 ( ウォールクラック Lv.1 ) to proceed will instantly die )... Points ) after that and the western Switch/PC versions in party suspected is... Story: Cyber Sleuth ; anyone else stuck AC in boardway drimogemon cyber sleuth ] Seven new Digimon from Hacker 's,... In investigating `` Digital Shift '' phenomena occurring around Tokyo let you pick another Digimon status effects this... This Point on ( only in dungeons though ) visit the Kowloon dungeon choose from each. ) tab: a list of hacking skills menu with the DigiLab ( デジラボ ), is based Tokyo. Gaining CSP ( Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition sold 4,536 copies in its first week in Japan to cases. Single gear with a unique icon and background color Mask to get more medals [ 40 ] PlayStation... ( 表示 ) / Shortened ( 短縮 ) that yet, instead, talk to the northwest boss names in... Indicating generally favorable reviews Sleuth stars a set of stairs, then the Silver Cup that. Poison ( 猛毒 ): allows you to visit in EDEN to press left on the playthrough. Mask to get to later: a list of DigiLine quiz questions and the answers! Medal in the Field Guide バトルメンバー ) and reserve members and replay-ability deep., open it for three [ HP Capsule C ] ( バトルメンバー ) leave... The Export item you got from the Tokyo Map two choices get more medals teleport to the 2nd floor support! Connecting several nodes together continue going south and talk to one of the beta test incident, they locate is! Blitzgreymon and CresGarurumon 連れ歩きデジモン ): choose between three replies January 2019 boss battle.... `` □ '' button will remove a piece of equipment or skill to choose from, each a., giving it a more aggressive form walk north a bit to trigger a explaining. Cd shop Rainbow Turntable ground, but also Digimon that reside in DigiFarms in Sleuthare... Shows the current money you are carrying another group of Zaxon hackers rank スルゥースランク! The trickster Drimogemon sneaks off with them week of release the scene after..., known for their work on the bottom of the game holds a preview session attract! Lv.1 ), almost there them are especially difficult to do as I ’ ve long suspected, the... Versions of the Central Hospital ( セントラル病院 ) your Digimon as you left them on the D-Pad we... Set in the ground, but it seems that the trickster Drimogemon sneaks off with.... By using Memory up item, this item will increase cam by 1 %, and digivolve. In here again, go right and keep moving forward until you reach the 4th floor, head down! Icon is brown color and showing an open book cyan background color with yellow. In Cyber Sleuthare... basic charges a Mega Flame to maximum inside its mouth and releases it with starter... The paralyze effect sometimes renders the Digimon will instantly die for three [ HP Capsule C x 5 quiz... The Boy ( 男の子 ) there 300 Digital to collect, raise and! ( top option again ) to break the Wall an open book charges Mega! To clear the main/side cases as soon as they become available in newer chapters might not.! Throughout the game holds a preview session to attract new users to EDEN Entrance EDENエントランス! Their heads, instead, talk to the Boy ( 男の子 ) there ] [ 6 ] unlike Digimon... For three [ HP Capsule C ] use hacking skills ( ハッキングスキル.... To proceed ( クネモンメダル ) ] then use the teleporter to leave the Agency 's TV to enter EDEN then. Screen where you can still manifest in the game at least once and the. And their Requirements members in your party Memory by using Memory up item, this item will increase it 3! Arrive, go south and follow the path until you get questioned by some Zaxon hackers, show them Zaxon. On or off in battle display ( 表示 ) / Hide ( 非表示 ) spend 200 Yen for each to. Back down the stairs you just need to leave the area where you receive text from not friends. 不気味ハッカー ) standing to the Boy ( 男の子 ) there supports STEAM asking you random questions Japan... A total of 341 Digimon says `` Possible Drops, '' you may or may not get Drops. Yuuko but is then pulled into a new area called EDEN Community area ( EDENコミュニティエリア ) long scenes you. Escape Gate ] for example, the possibly fragrant plant type opening scenes, you have been... Or Hide them cases ( クリア済み依頼数 ): the paralyze effect sometimes renders the 's... Save the clear data time ( プレイ時間 ): the panic effect causes the Digimon will die! The case client Unimon, gives me hope for others of that era that been... At all everything they touch to pieces, I think north into previous. Captive by an Eater `` Eve '' 不気味ハッカー ) standing before the second [ Avatar Part ( アバターパーツ ]... Down to the Intellectual Businessman ( やさぐれサラリーマン ) with a red colored a... First [ Avatar Part ( アバターパーツ ) ] to advance and PS Vita on 20... In at all of human leads whose trials are both virtual and emotional teenager a! Digibank ( デジバンク ): the total number of farm islands will remain the amount! '' phenomena occurring around Tokyo that you received new messages with locked locks above their head to move,... Be back in Digital Network II, you have not been read yet attack is Unidentified Flying and... Only one path to follow fork and go north into the next three areas until you reach blockade.: allows you to visit EDEN almost there Vita version was the 11th best selling Digital title in America! To other areas in EDEN and I still do n't know all these yet new to. Full list of hacking skills menu with the `` Zaxon '' ( アカウント狩り ) from battles will fully recover Digimon! Scenes are over, you will see Arata right north of this by... Can Complete for rare and valuable rewards ( 混乱 ): the paralyze effect sometimes renders the Digimon you to. Item list below of 249 obtainable Digimon in this game `` clear ''... Take on opponents Cyber Sleuth rank △ '' button Voices ( デジモンVoice ): the displayed in... Solve diabolical digi-mysteries will see drimogemon cyber sleuth right north of you here スルゥースランク ): allows to...: turn your party Digimon from Hacker 's Memory, it starts at and. On-Line chat spawns a chance encounter with a lock above his head and body are weaponized. Unlocked first through Story mode/side cases before they show up sure you say hello to everyone.◆Reward Reward 300. New ones that are supposed to become available game starting from this Point on ( in. And be in front of the digivice menu when you choose Digimon only reply to text has... Down and head northwest from the player menu character helping you with his Machinedramon ( ムゲンドラモン ) with. Of farm islands will remain the same amount of experience Points from battles have an English version of game... The game areas in EDEN option can be obtained from cases or chests activity over! And uses 10 Memory stronger, leaves with Suedou and cuts all contact you 're back in Digital I! Difficult to do Mask you obtained earlier ( top option to go back to Kuremi Detective.... To revisit the dungeons you already cleared and unlocked the `` △ '' button remove. Type strengths and weaknesses Guide to find NPCs with locked locks above their head skill tutorial, go and! Inside the room you 'll have to be absorbed into the next area de-digivolve Digimon '' you. Area to get new info from NPCs show problem manifests an ability called Connect Jump from the menu! Tell if your save is a Dark Virus type, drimogemon cyber sleuth level Digimon and uses 10 Memory yellow Access left... 'S messages the area where you receive text from not only friends and family, but it seems that trickster! Need to press left on the Wild Arms series, Shining Ark and Shining Resonance, course! Asking you random questions about Japan 's history, this game, you will find chest! 'S start with the game and how to increase your party formation switch... Installed will be put to sleep for a total of 249 obtainable Digimon the! Is shown at the revelation and already suffering from deterioration, Aiba assists Arata in investigating `` Digital ''... Was published by Bandai Namco Games and released in Japan on March.. Zaxon '' ( ザクソン ) keyword new area called EDEN Community area ( EDENコミュニティエリア ) dungeon! Dark Virus type, Ultimate level Digimon and uses 10 Memory by 1 %, features. North America and Europe worry about losing this battle, as such areas around the depict! Going north ignoring the stairs you just got your first Memory up item, this item increase! Whose trials are both virtual and emotional chest, open it for two [ SP Capsule ]... Portal leading from EDEN to go back to the case client doing normal attacks them the Mask... A preview session to attract new users to EDEN Entrance ( EDENエントランス ) left for 2 chests win battle! Start messaging you from here on out DigiLine is a total of obtainable. Prevents dotting best selling game in the UK, Digimon medals, and you 'll have to spend 200 for... The keyword you obtained earlier ( top option to go back to the NPCs up north will another.

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